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Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Training Video Provided by K Alliance


Microsoft Office Project 2010 Training Video Provided by K Alliance


Onvi Training offers ready-made interactive e-learning solutions for the Microsoft Office applications and PC and Windows Basics. For the corporation that requires modifications to any of our products, our Made to Order division can address your specifications and customize any title to suit your user base.

Onvi Training also offers CustomWare - "from the ground up" interactive content to meet the precise e-learning requirements defined by a customer. We specialize in proprietary application and desktop computer based training (CBT).

Microsoft Office 2003 2007 Ultimate Corporate CBT Library Suite

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular software suites in existence and is the gold standard across just about all industries. Whether you’re a public school teacher or the CEO of a biotech company, Microsoft Office skills are expected. In fact, MS Office skills are often assumed. If don’t know how to work with Excel spreadsheets, edit Word documents, or create PowerPoint presentations, you’ll struggle to do the simplest of tasks and be at a severe disadvantage. Take charge of your career and get comfortable using these applications by viewing Microsoft Office training videos. These videos feature expert instructors who explain the steps for working with the various programs. They’ll show you the basics as well as some of the more advanced techniques – all in full motion video. As you view the videos, you’ll be anxious to get started. You don’t even need to own MS Office or have a local copy install ed in order to benefit from this training. That’s because of our self-paced Microsoft office CBT (computer based training) also comes with a simulated Office environment where you can explore the interface and practice the steps for yourself directly from your computer. You get hands-on activities and real experience along with advice from certified instructors. The computer based approach lets you get the most out of multimedia technology. Interactive content, hands-on components, training videos, and quizzes all work together to immerse you into the world of MS Office and the programs in the suite.

Another excellent way to learn Office is through online MS Office Training. Simply log on to the internet and access the curriculum directly from your home or office. As you participate in the online instruction, you also can view Microsoft Office training videos as well as interact with the course content. Quizzes, assessments, demonstrations, and activities and online feedback ensure that you are getting the skills you need to excel on the job. Learning Office is critical for anyone, in any industry, who wants to succeed. Once mastered, you can work more productively and produce professional documents, reports, and presentations that clearly communicate your message. You can easily learn by choosing training videos on CBT or enrolling in online Microsoft Office Training.


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